Tape Installations


A series of tape installations (made from non-adhesive architectural flagging tape) were developed as a response to experiencing the new Central St Martins building in Kings Cross.


Nicole Weisz

There's good days and bad Installations


A visual recording of my mood in the period of transition from art school to working as an independent artist. The work explores how feelings are communicated in the contemporary world - do emotions appear more authentic when presented in real or virtual settings? Does the handmade give a greater sense of authenticity over the mass-produced?

Random news generation


Diaristic systems-based project of layered drawings derived from a randomly selected system of newspaper content.


Mixed-media Installations


These mixed-media three-dimensional installations use found objects and images, sampling and remixing contemporary visual culture with elements from my own imagination. The environments play with sense making, mixing and recontextualising disparate elements to form new meanings in their reconfigurations.


Tape 1